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New Jersey Teen with Epilepsy and Autism Wins Right to Take Medical Marijuana at School

Medical Marijuana Posted Nov 13 2015

As marijuana policy is slowly changing, medical marijuana is still sometimes not treated as medicine at all. One family in New Jersey was experiencing trouble within their local high school for not allowing their child with epilepsy and autism to possess her medical marijuana treatment on school grounds. Without the proper dose of cannabis, 16 year old Genny can become easily upset and possibly hurt herself. Due to the school's restrictions, Genny was forced to take half days so she could go home and take her medicine. After lobbying and pushing the issue, Governor Christie signed a new bill allowing minors to bring their medical marijuana to school, but at the moment the school nurse is not allowed to administer the medicine, only the parents. Until medical marijuana is treated fairly like other legal drugs, Genny's mother is forced to bring her medicine to school each and everyday to give Genny her dose personally.

Last week, Governor Chris Christie signed into law a bill – inspired by Genny – that authorizes parents or primary caregivers to administer edible medical marijuana to sick or disabled children at school, while protecting school districts from liability. This means Genny, 16, will be able to go back to school full-time – she's been going for half-days so that she can get the dosage she needs.

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