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White House sits down with marijuana law reformers today

Medical Marijuana Posted Apr 25 2016

A few weeks following a large marijuana rally in front of the White House, advocates from DC Marijuana Justice earned a meeting with the Obama Administration to discuss why cannabis does not belong in schedule 1 next to heroin and LSD. While the drug war raged on for many years, slowly the public's view of marijuana has grown less harsh. Activists arent the only ones calling for marijuana's rescheduling as doctors, lawmakers, researchers and about 61% of the public agrees that marijuana should be legal. The DEA has announced their plan to possibly deschedule cannabis by this summer, and they also recently approved a study involving whole-plant marijuana to study the effects on PTSD patients.

“DCMJ appreciates greatly the invitation by the Obama administration to begin an educated and passionate dialogue into the need to remove cannabis from the list of Schedule One drugs,” Eidinger said in a statement. “Thanks to Schedule One of the Controlled Substances Act, Americans, especially people of color, are needlessly incarcerated, and critical medical research into the healing properties of cannabis is placed on hold for no good reason.”

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