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Inside Syracuse's new pot shop: Medical marijuana that sounds like cappuccino

Medical Marijuana Posted Feb 1 2016

A new medicinal marijuana shop is opening in Syracuse, New York this week that has a short, but special menu. Some would say the menu reads like a coffee shop, but these concoctions are specific to patients' ailments, some with only CBD which does not get the user high but provides relief, often from seizures. The menu also features a THC concentrated choice for those in more severe pain, but all medicines must be sold in concentrates as New York's MMJ program does not allow for the sale of buds or leaves. The state only has 331 doctors currently registered to prescribe medical marijuana, and only 551 patients through the whole state. Advocates hope as the program progresses more doctors and patients will gain interest.

"Patients should approach their doctors and talk to them about this option and talk to the department of health about having more access to physicians," she said. Peckham said she hopes doctors will use medical marijuana as an alternative to prescription painkillers. She thinks doctors are hesitant because the program is new.

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