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Medical marijuana a big factor at this year's Hawaii Cannabis Expo

Medical Marijuana Posted Jan 29 2016

Hawaii's medical marijuana program will soon be taking major steps towards opening the state's first MMJ dispensaries. Friday was the last day to apply for one of the islands' limited medical marijuana dispensary licenses. Licensees are expected to be chosen by April 15th, with sales expected to begin on July 15th. The state health department has limited the state's licenses to three on Oahu, two on Hawaii and Maui, and one on Kauai.

Lawmakers like Sen. Will Espero (D/Ewa Beach, Ewa by Gentry) introduced several bills this week to improve the new program and help patients who use it.

“This is a new era in terms of medicine for patients in need. My bills are just to make some amendments to the program and to, in my opinion, improve it,” he said.

The DOH will announce the licensees on April 15 who will be allowed to dispense medical marijuana starting July 15.

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