Oncologists Prefer Pediatric Patients Have Access to Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Posted Jun 14 2016

Medical marijuana is no longer such a radical subject in most states, but some are still appauled at the thought of giving medical marijuana to children. Parts of the cannabis plant have shown great promise in treating seizures, but a more common use for medical marijuana is to treat the side offects of chemotherapy for cancer patients. Children deserve the same access to medical marijuana for debilitating diseases as adults do. While 86% of surveyed nurses and physicians were aware of the legal marijuana system in their state, only 58% were familiar with the regulations for patient access, acknowledging  that healthcare providers need to be more aware for the patient's best interest.

“Awareness of state and federal regulations can be improved, and clinical trials are needed to better understand the benefits and side effects of medical marijuana in children with cancer,” Ananth said.


Original article: https://www.marijuanatimes.org/oncologists-prefer-pediatric-patients-have-access-to-medical-marijuana/

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