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Marijuana Policy Project Withdraws Ohio Ballot Initiative

Medical Marijuana Posted May 30 2016

Last year, ResponsibleOhio spent $20 million trying to pass a marijuana initiative that eventually failed. This year another group, Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) has decided to withdrawl their ballot initiative as the Ohio legislature has not only made progress, but they passed a medical marijuana bill which now only awaits the governor's signature. The legislative bill is similar to MPP's bill with the exception of banning smokable forms of marijuana and home grows. Stopping patients from growing at home can cause problems for those unable to afford medicine or find a dispensary. One ballot initiative remains in hopes to expand the potentially legal marijuana program by next year's ballot. 

“The reality is that raising funds for medical marijuana policy changes is incredibly difficult, especially given the improvements made to the proposed program by the Ohio General Assembly and the fact that the Governor is expected to sign the bill,” said Brandon Lynaugh, campaign manager for Ohioans for Medical Marijuana

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