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New Arizona medical marijuana proposal emerging for 2018

Medical Marijuana Posted Nov 20 2016

Earlier this month Arizona voters showed they weren't ready to legalize recreational marijuana, but advocates are back already with an initiative to expand on the state's current medical marijuana program. The goal of the initiative is to expand on the list of qualifying conditions and to allow more patients to grow the plant at home. Advocates of the measure need to gather 150,642 signatures by July 5, 2018 to bring the question to the 2018 ballot. If passed, new conditions such as insomnia, psoriasis, Tourette’s syndrome, neuropathy and fibromyalgia, will all be added to the list of conditions to qualify a patient for medical marijuana. 

The initiative crafted by operators of a medical marijuana dispensary would expand the list of conditions for which a doctor could recommend a patient be allowed to use the otherwise-illegal drug. And it also would make it easier and cheaper for patients to get their marijuana, including allowing a large percentage of them to grow their own plants.

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