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Retired rabbi turned medical marijuana dispensary owner says Ohio laws will change: Q&A

Medical Marijuana Posted Mar 22 2017

Regulations are still being determined by Ohio lawmakers on who can qualify to grow and sell marijuana and what patients will be able to buy. A former Rabbi turned owner of the largest dispensary in Washington D.C. says Ohio's medical marijuana laws will change and change again. After seeing his father find relief in marijuana from multiple sclerosis, Kahn knew he could help many more patients like his father by opening a medical marijuana dispensary. It took persistence through the cliche marijuana stigmas and frequent changes in industry regulations, but Kahn's medical marijuana venture has become highly successful.

Ohio lawmakers last year set up the framework for a strictly regulated medical marijuana program to serve patients with one of 20 medical conditions if recommended by a physician. Three state agencies are now determining the details, such as who will qualify to grow and sell marijuana and how much marijuana patients will be able to buy. 

We spent a lot of time trying to break down the stigma around cannabis. There's so much misconception, so many erroneous opinions, so many fears and concerns. We knew they were unfounded and now, looking back, we can prove it.  

Folks in our community are very happy and proud we're here, and they no longer have any concerns about increased crime or unsavory characters in the community. 

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