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LOOK INSIDE: Palm Beach County’s first medical marijuana store opens

Medical Marijuana Posted Nov 16 2017

Florida's medical marijuana program has had it's faults and it's slow implementation, but it's really starting to make a big impact. Over 50,000 Florida patients will be able to seek out a medical cannabis recommendation from more than 1,000 doctors available in the state who are qualified through the provided training. More and more doctors are seeing the value in dropping the addictive and numbing pain killers for medical cannabis. Palm Beach County opened it's first medical marijuana dispensary this week making it the first shop to open between Miami and Orlando. The shop currently has 8 products with a new topical cream coming soon. Their vape cartridges and liquid drops vary in CBD and THC levels but cost about 15 cents per milligram.

Palm Beach County’s first medical marijuana dispensary opened Tuesday, and Steve Buchholz of Lake Worth was among the first customers.

As Florida’s budding cannabis industry takes root, Knox Medical’s Lake Worth dispensary is the first dispensary to open between Miami and Orlando. The store’s location reflects just how quickly marijuana has gone mainstream: It’s directly across the street from Lake Worth City Hall, and it occupies a high-traffic location in a former bank branch.

El-Haddad said his interest in cannabis was sparked by seeing surgery patients grow addicted to painkillers.

“I’ve seen a lot of patients come out and get addicted to opiates,” El-Haddad said. “This is an amazing alternative.”

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