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Michigan to marijuana shops: Close by Dec. 15 or risk licensure

Medical Marijuana Posted Sep 12 2017

Michigan's new medical marijuana licenses will be given out sometime in the beginning of next year, but the state is now requiring shops that are currently opperating to close their doors or risk not being allowed a license once the program begins. The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs announced this week that shops will have until Dec. 15 to shut down, but hours later proposed that shops instead shutdown within a week. While the next 3 months may be time enough to wind down customers and redirect them to new caregivers, is it necessary for these shops to lose their access to a future license if they refuse to close? The shops providing medical marijuana to patients have been filling and important need in patients by giving them safe access to medication, but now they must shut down for an unknown amount of time. 

The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs announced the decision Tuesday, and hours later a state board dropped a proposal to potentially force the dispensaries to shut down later this week. The department says it has sole authority to promulgate rules and emergency rules to implement, administer and enforce a new state law.

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