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City council approves marijuana dispensary, state decision pending

Medical Marijuana Posted Jan 15 2018

Toledo, Ohio city council is eager to get their city's patients proper medicine as they vote overwhelmingly to approve the first medical marijuana dispensary at a former veterinary clinic. The list of locations available for future dispensaries is still being considered by state regulators but Toledo officials are ahead of the curve and prepared for the incoming change. Ontop of the special-use permit approved for the dispensary the city council also approved a grant for over $75,000 for the Ohio Drug law Enfrocement Fund. Officials are hoping medical marijuana will be great help to those currently dependent on harmful opioids.

Toledo city council voted to approve a marijuana dispensary at a former veterinary clinic on Sylvania Avenue. Members voted 11-1 in favor of the special-use permit. The move could pave the way for Glass City Alternatives LLC to operate a medical marijuana dispensary from the now-vacant building.

Council President Matt Cherry said he was pleased with the decision. “I am glad we voted to allow this dispensary, which will allow people with medical issues to use that drug instead of opioids,” Mr. Cherry said.

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