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Florida gives its medical marijuana office $13.3 million more despite criticism

Medical Marijuana Posted Jul 19 2018

Florida's medical marijuana program has been notorious for delays and problems as it continues to try and finish implementing the state's comprehensive medical marijuana program. The state's newest budget went into effect less than 1 month ago and now The Office of Medical Marijuana Use is requesting a much larger sum than when the budget was being created. Originally only granted less than $1 million, now they are asking for an additional $13.3 million to keep the medical marijuana program on track with it's intended growth. Despite legislators expressing their frustrations for the delayed request for funding the full amount was granted with just under half available immediately and the rest on reserve. Even with administrative setbacks it seems legislators are determined to get Florida's medical marijuana fully functional.

“Most if not all of the costs that are outlined in this request have been known or anticipated for quite a while,” she said. “Why are we using a process that essentially is meant for fixing mistakes ... to fund the implementation of a constitutional amendment that 71 percent of Florida voters approved almost two years ago?”

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