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Jefferson University Offers Medical Marijuana Grad Programs

Medical Marijuana Posted Jul 15 2018

Medical marijuana is not only being taken seriously more in each state nearly everyday, but colleges and universities are seeing the long term impact and offering marijuana based classes and now Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia is offering graduate-level certificate programs in medical marijuana. Cannabis Medicine and Cannabinoid Pharmacology are two courses that will be available to students this coming semester in the fall with the third course, Cannabinoid Chemistry and Toxicology aiming to begin next year. These new programs go far beyond how to grow the biggest and strongest buds and instead highlight the intention to understand the science of cannabis as a substance. The hope of the program is to allow students and healthcare progressionals to learn about cannabis in an evidence-based environment.

Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia will be offering graduate-level certificate programs in medical marijuana.
Courses start this fall for two graduate certificate programs in cannabis medicine and cannabinoid pharmacology at the school's Lambert Center for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp. A third program on cannabinoid chemistry and toxicology will get underway in 2019.

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