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Medical Marijuana Posted Jul 4 2018

After Maine lawmakers showed great support for a recent medical marijuana bill sending it to the governor's desk, Gov. LePage chose to veto the bill. The state legislature decided to respectfully disagree with the governor and once again voted to approve the bill and override the governor's veto. The bill changes the medical marijuana laws by removing all qualifying conditions for medical marijuana treatment and instead allows a doctor to prescribe it for any ailment they see necessary. The bill also allows 6 new medical cannabis dispensaries around the state and expands the amount of patients a caregiver can work for. Local municipalities will also be able to expand regulations as they see fit. Lawmakers in Maine have shown wide support for cannabis law reform with this veto override similar to the veto override they passed a few months ago supporting the growing recreational cannabis industry.

“I’ve personally seen so many people whose lives have been changed for the better through access to this medicine,” said Brakey, who added that there are three key components to the law. “More choice and freedom for patients, more flexibility for legal businesses and more overall integrity for the program with more local control.”

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