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North Dakota medical marijuana rules to be effective April 1 after legislative review

Medical Marijuana Posted Mar 11 2018

North Dakota voters said YES to a medical marijuana ballot measure almost 16 months ago and the Administrative Rules Committee has finally finished detailing the regulations for the state's program. The rules are done and go into effect the first of April, but now the long process of awarding cannabis business licenses and then growing and preparing product for patients is about to begin. Officials expect applications for manufacturing facilities to be open by next week which would mean patients might have access to product near the end of this year. Due to North Dakota's anti-corporate farming law cannabis growers will not be categorized as agricultural operations.

“Without the rules, this program really cannot move forward,” said Jason Wahl, director of the Health Department’s medical marijuana division. “The department is committed to implementing this program as quickly as it can, but needs to ensure that this program is implemented in well-regulated manner.”


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