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Medical Marijuana Posted Mar 4 2018

Patients from all around the United States use medical marijuana for a variety of illnesses and while some states only support a few as qualifying conditions it's clear that patients with many more illnesses are able to find relief using cannabis. This week in New York an event was hosted to help bring awareness to at least one condition, the annual Mission Steps Walk and Multiple Scleroses Awareness Day. Patients with MS want it to be known that medical marijuana does indeed relieve the symptoms associated with Multiple Scleroses and it should be a qualifying condition in every program. Around 350,000 Americans live with MS everyday and roughly 200 more are diagnosed every week.

Many who battle MS or help raise awareness of the disease said medical marijuana helps to relieve symptoms of the disease. 

"We're hoping more in the future will be put into research for marijuana and really open up a whole new stream for people to get off of these addictive drugs and onto something natural," said Annette Simiele, MS Resources of CNY associate director.

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