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Panel Weighs Making More Conditions Eligible for Medical Marijuana Treatment

Medical Marijuana Posted Oct 24 2018

Minnesota could greatly expand their medical marijuana program as several new potential qualifyinhg conditions are being debated. The medical cannabis review panel is made up of medical experts and those involved in the program and their job is to weigh the risk and benefits of each condition with cannabis treatment. Panic disorder, opioid addiciton, Alzheimer's disease, and psoriasis are the conditions currently under review. While some officials from the Minnesota Department of Health say there isn't clear research showing the benefits for opioid withdrawals, some doctors have discussed successes with their patients. Over 10,000 people in Minnesota were admitted for treatment for opioid use disorder in 2016 alone, highlighting the need for a treatment. The panel's recommendation to the DOH will come by the 1st of November and the final decision is expected by December 1st. 

But doctors who believe it could be beneficial also testified to the panel, saying their patients who currently use medical cannabis for other conditions have experienced success.

"They're going to think that this is about getting high. It is not," said Dr. Jacob Mirman, who practices internal medicine in St. Louis Park.  "My patients don't like getting high."

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