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Thailand wants to be the first Asian nation to legalize medical marijuana

Medical Marijuana Posted Oct 29 2018

Some officials in Thailand are working to have the country be the next nation to legalize medical marijuana. A draft bill legalizing medical cannabis has already been sent to the legislative body and is expected to be reviewed before the end of the month. Once a traditional medicinal herb used in Thailand, Cannabis became illegal for production, consumption, sale, and possession after the 1979 Narcotic Drugs Act. Even the chairman of the National Legislative Assembly's committee of Public Health says that "Thailand has the best marijuana in the world." Other government officials over the years have mentioned the prestigious quality of Thailand's cannabis saying that the cannabis plant flourishes in the "Golden Triangle". Though many parts of Asia carry heavy penalty's for illicit drug possesion and sale Thailand has been slowly loosening restrictions by allowing some research and developing cannabis-extract medication.

Thailand, however, has been moving in the opposite direction. Last year, Rangsit University founded a research team to study pot’s use in medicine, and secured permission from the country’s narcotics-control board to create a cannabis-extract spray for cancer patients. In April, the university’s rector called on Thailand’s military leaders to legalize medical marijuana.

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