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Former NHL fighter Riley Cote preaches virtues of medicinal marijuana

Medical Marijuana Posted Sep 13 2018

Medical marijuana advocates are growing in the professional athletic community and it's no surprise that one of the most physically demanding sports, professional hockey, is interested in how medical cannabis could benefit players. Riley Cote is a major cannabis advocate turned business owner and retired NHL player and he has been a voice of reason to the NHL in hopes they will consider adopting new policies on the plant to help future generations of hockey players. The drugs often prescribed to NHL players and other professional athletes are often addictive and potentially harmful opioid pain-killers that could be replaced or used in succession with medical cannabis for better post-game healing and even long after retirement. Cote finds that education is the most important part in understanding if cannabis is right for you and hopes that the NHL will also be open to research and learning. The NHL Alumni Association executive director has shown interest in having players participate in health studies and work with neurologists who are studying the medical benefits of the plant. 

NHL Alumni Association executive director Glenn Healy has spoken to Cote about former players participating in a health study concerning chronic pain and other symptoms. The association has also been approached by just about every cannabis company in existence about a business association.

While the association is interested enough in the issue to be working with several neurologists who are studying the medicinal benefits of cannabis, Healy said any official recommendations to the former players will not be made until “science tells me this is effective.”

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