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The first medical marijuana kitchen in the U.S. is opening in Arizona

Medical Marijuana Posted Sep 23 2018

A new style of medicating is on the horizon as the first U.S. public, full-service medical marijuana kitchen is opening up in Tempe, Arizona in October. Patients may be used to seeing prepackaged cannabis-infused foods in dispensaries, but this is nothing like that. This kitchen is operated by Tempe's Mint Dispensary and will feature a full menu of freshly cooked-to-order meals during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A medical marijuana card will be needed to order but once inside patients will be able to choose from dishes ranging from muffins, and scones to Artisan Burgers and Hatch Chile Mac & Cheese, all with your preferred dose of cannabis starting at 10mg+. The kitchen will also be open to deliveries and holiday meals as well as catering 'medicated' events, weddings, birthdays and funerals starting later this year.

“While pre-packaged, shelf-stable food items have been available at dispensaries, this is the first time that patients will have access to fresh foods that are prepared on-site with a customized dose of cannabis,” read a statement. “The new kitchen will offer a complete menu of artisan burgers, pastas, pizza, and other delicious cannabis-infused meals that patients can order to go. The new kitchen will also have a barista, a juice bar, gelato, and a wide assortment of pastries.

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