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Bill would make Illinois medical marijuana program permanent

Medical Marijuana Posted Mar 18 2019

Illinois' medical marijuana program was passed initially as a pilot program as a way for the state to test it out without 100% committing, but now that the state has seen lots of success with medical marijuana legislators seem to be ready to fully legitimize it. A new bill has been proposed that would do just that ontop of adding several conditions to the state's list of qualifying conditions for the program including chronic pain, autism, migraines, osteoarthritis, irratable bowel syndrome and more. The bill would also allow doctors to receive payments from medical marijuana business and patients, but only in the form of research payments, kickbacks for referalls will remain prohibited. 

Several measures in recent years have led to an expansion of the state’s program, which currently benefits about 58,000 patients. But it’s still relatively small compared to similar programs in other states, particularly because it doesn’t allow patients to use the drug for pain


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