Conn. legalizes medical marijuana

Conn. legalizes medical marijuana

Published on 5/6/12

Conn. legalizes medical marijuanaEarly on Saturday Conneticut lawmakers approved a bill to allow medical marijuana in the state.

This makes Connecticut the 17th state along with the District of Columbia to authorize the use of medical marijuana. The new medical marijuana bill includes strict regulations for cultivation and distribution. Lawmakers hope these restrictions will avoid many of the problems other states have run into.

Since California became the first state with medical marijuana in 1996, states have struggled with clashes with teh federal government, which still considers the drug illegal and of no medical value. Everything from California back is trying to get away from chaos," said Allen St. Pierre, the executive director of the National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws.

Under Connecticut's legislation, marijuana would be sold in multiple forms at dispensaries, which are required to have a licensed pharmacist on staff. It also outlines diseases that would be treated by the drug and establishes a registry for patients and caregivers. Finally a person must possess a growers permit to cultivate medical marijuana.

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