DC decriminalizes marijuana, future complications arise

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Published on 7/21/14

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DC decriminalizes marijuana, future complications arise

The D.C. city council has passed legislation that decriminalizes posession of less than one ounce of marijuana. Introduced by City Council member Tommy Wells, the bill will now fine D.C. residents $25 for a simple possession ticket. While some see this as a positive step forward, others consider this to complicate issues, being that marijuana posessesion is still a federal crime, especially at the center of the federal government.

The real road to full legalization remains thorny. Maryland Rep. Andy Harris recently amended a House budget bill to stop the district from utilizing taxpayer funds to enforce the decriminalization law, though it is unlikely to pass the Senate and has been publicly denounced by President Barack Obama, who cautioned Congress to not interfere with the city's laws.