Proposed Amendment Would Tell the DEA to Leave Medical Marijuana States Alone

Published on Jun 2, 2014

This week (possibly today or tomorrow) the U.S. House of Representatives will vote on an amendment that would federally defund the Drug Enforcement Agency from interfering with states that have implemented medical marijuana laws. According to Marijuana Majority, a group dedicated to spreading knowledge about regulating legal cannabis sales and abolishing cannabis-related arrests, this amendment has a strong chance of passing and instructing the federal government to back off, stop using taxpayer money to crack down on state medical marijuana laws, and start respecting them instead.

The Drug Policy Alliance, which helped launch Marijuana Majority, is hosting a form on their website that will send a letter to your member of Congress urging him or her to vote in favor of the amendment. If passed, this amendment will give 21 states (soon to be 22) with medical marijuana laws some much-wanted freedom from the feds and the assurance that their state officials can handle the implementation and regulation of these programs without Johnny Utah or Mulder and Scully peeking in on them.

You still have time to write to your member of Congress and Protect Medical Marijuana from Federal Interference. Let’s see what can happen if we all work towards a common goal. Who knows what can happen — if Max Fischer can save Latin, maybe we can give MMJ states a little freedom from the DEA.


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