After state takes child, Kansas woman is at center of national marijuana debate

News Posted Apr 29 2015

You may have recently heard about a woman in Kansas who's house was raided after her 11 year-old son made educated statements about cannabis  in public school, and he was then taken from her by the state when police found marijuana. Since then, the marijuana community has started a GoFundMe in support of the upcoming legal battle she is likely to face. One of her local opponents, Erik Voth claims the state only takes children when there is a real concern, but Voth also believes propoganda from the 1930's claiming marijuana causes domestic violence. 

“The question to Kansans is, ‘Are you OK with your tax dollars being spent on this?’” Sublett said. “This woman goes to bed at night without her son because she had some marijuana in her house when it’s legal in half the country — are you OK with that?”

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