Marijuana decriminalization spreads across WI

Marijuana decriminalization spreads across WI

Published on 8/29/15

In Wisconsin the possession of marijuana is still considered illegal, but those caught in major cities may not have so much to worry about due to many cities decriminalizing the drug. Many cities have adopted policies lowering penalties from jail time, down to a $100 fine. Madison and Milwaukee were some of the first to decriminalize and since 1977 residents can possess up to an ounce in theor own homes. Madison's Chief of Police is proud of his city's drug policy and is happy to see his officer's spending more time focusing on hard drugs.

A Gannett Central Wisconsin Media review of ordinances across Wisconsin found that nine of the state’s 10 largest cities have decriminalized simple marijuana possession.

Municipalities in central Wisconsin have followed a similar trend, with Stevens Point being the most recent to adopt and then modify its marijuana ordinance. This month, the city cut the fine for first-offense possession to $100.

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