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Marijuana Legalization in Colorado Leads to First ‘Weedery’

News Posted Aug 11 2015

Wineries and breweries are popular stops for locals and tourists alilke who want to indulge further into the world of beer and wine, but why isn't there anywhere for marijuana aficionados or those curious about pot to further indulge in the culture from plant to pipe. This is exaclty what Christian Hageseth was thinking when he created Green Man Cannabis Ranch and Amphitheater, which will be considered the first "weedery". Founder, Christian Hageset, is planning to create such attractions in several states like Nevada and Massachusetts and then California and Washington. Current laws won't allow for smoking on the premises, but Christian has plans for a smoking area in the future. 

People are so curious. When they visit our indoor grows they say, “Wow, I had no idea the plant was so beautiful,” or “It smells so good in here.” I can spend all day talking about marijuana. But it would mean more if you have 30 seconds of a personal experience where you see it, you smell it.

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