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Is Marijuana the Source of a New Runner's High?

News Posted Feb 25 2015

Many marathon runners are publicy announcing their routine marijuana use for pre and post workout. Some prefer the after-race THC boost to soothe aches and pains following a long run, while others use it to keep the pain down and focus up during a race. Both agree marijuana can benefit athletes, and many are welcoming questions and ready to spread awareness with pot leaf logos on their running shirts.

“What usually happens is someone laughs and says, ‘I like your shirt,’” says the 45-year-old longtime recreational runner, who uses a cannabis-infused topical cream to treat bursitis in her hip. “I tell them that I’m running to help people learn more about the benefits of cannabis and debunk some of the myths. It starts amazing conversations. And when you’re running a half marathon, there is a lot of time to talk.”

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