Cuomo the final hurdle for emergency access to medical marijuana

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Published on 6/16/15

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In New York, medical marijuana is expected to be available next year. but for some patients everyday of waiting is a painful struggle. This week, the state senate passed a bill that would  allow qualifying patients to gain early access to medical marijuana. The bill would grant certain out of state dispensaries to import New York standard medical marijuana, however moving the product across state lines is still federally illegal. 

“The reality is that a few months of suffering for a person who has one of these serious, degenerative conditions can feel like an eternity,” Griffo said. “The difference of two, three or four months can make a world of difference to those people who are painfully waiting every day to receive this relief. That is a long time to continue suffering multiple seizures on a daily basis, and it is wrong for anyone to make them wait any longer if we have the ability to provide that relief much sooner.”