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Marijuana pills fail to ease dementia symptoms

News Posted May 12 2015

Science is always striving to better humanity and solve our problems. Dementia is a tricky illness of the mind that can leave patients confused, forgetful, or even dangerous to themselves or others. This new study is showing that marijuana extract pills are not providing solutions to these symptoms, but more importantly, the medicine is also not showing any side effects. The healing properties of marijuana are still being tested, and with no negative side effects, researchers can push for larger doses to continue the search for a miracle cure.

The study's authors noted that, among those getting the marijuana treatment, none reported feeling "high," and caregivers and research staff saw no behavior changes that suggested that the pills' psychoactive properties affected them. The side effects that most concerned researchers--dizziness, falls and sleepiness--were no more common in those given the THC pills than in those taking placebo.

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