Maryland's nascent medical marijuana industry already booming

Maryland's nascent medical marijuana industry already booming

Published on 11/6/15

Maryland's medical marijuana industry is already taking off, and only the planning stages are underway! Over 350 very expensive applications have been submitted from growers and dispensaries alike, but only a fraction of applicants will ever see their business come to life. The race to jump onboard a new industry is tempting, and the application process is very competitive. State officials are sure the best applicants will be chosen as their selection system focuses on the quality and drive in each applicant.

The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission spent months crafting regulations on how to implement the law, and even longer developing the complicated application that stretches more than 60 pages. Most of the questions require an essay answer, plus proof that the applicant can pay for the operation.

The commission came under fire last year for setting some of the highest fees in the medical marijuana industry, charging $125,000 to growers for a two-year license and $40,000 for a dispensary. But the cost apparently did not scare off many applicants.

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