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For the first time ever, Colorado has seen over $100 million in marijuana revenue for one month

News Posted Oct 11 2015

During the month of August, Colorado sold over $100 million in marijuana to both the medicinal and recreational markets. Recreational sales came in at $59.2 million for the month and medical cannabis sales brought in $41.4 million. With $100.6 million in combined sales, this makes August the most lucrative month ever, up from a mere $46.9 million in total sales during the first month of legal recreational sales back in January of 2014. In way of taxes, Colorado fetched $11.2 million in taxes for August alone, with $3.3 million of tax revenue going to school construction projects.

“For August, Colorado collected $11.2 million in recreational taxes and fees and $2.0 million in medical taxes and fees, bringing the 2015 cumulative revenue total to nearly $86.7 million. In 2014, total marijuana revenue was $76.2 million.”

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