Facebook deletes medical marijuana pages

Facebook deletes medical marijuana pages

Published on 2/2/16

Dispensaries allover the country log into their social media daily to let paitents and customers know what new medicines and products are in stock and what sales are going on. This week, many medical and recreational dispensaries are reporting that their facebook pages have been deleted due to violating terms of use dealing with "illegal, prescription, or recreational drugs" or so it says when they login. It's currently unknown how many marijuana businesses are affected by such descrimination, but it's clear that the legal drugs like alcohol and tobacco will not be included in this ban.

Marijuana possession and production violates federal law, although the Obama administration has publicly announced that it would devote law enforcement resources to investigating lawful use permitted by state statutes.

Breakwater founder Alex Zaleski called Facebook's actions "a great disservice to our patients who rely on us to keep them updated on what is going on. We are looking into the matter and hope to resolve it in the patients' favor as soon as possible."

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