Lawmakers seek to expand New York's fledgling medical marijuana program

Where's Weed

Published on 2/19/16

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New York's medical marijuana program has been lacking in patients, doctors, and variety of products. The program was limited from the beginning by only allowing non-smokable forms of marijuana concentrates, but now may be opening it's doors to a more traditional style medical marijuana program. A large problem is getting doctors aware and on board with the newly state legal medical marijuana, but a new proposal would allow cannabis to be marketed to doctors the same way pharmaceutical companies market drugs. If passed, the proposal would: allow smokable forms of marijuana, widen the list of qualifying conditions, and increase the number of statewide producers, all things that are currently strictly limited.

He will join Savino in calling for an increase in the number of producers. The assemblyman's proposals would also add more eligible medical conditions to the current list of 10, and allow the medicinal products to be smoked, something which is currently prohibited.