Colombia legalizes medical use of marijuana

Colombia legalizes medical use of marijuana

Published on 7/30/16

Earlier this month after President Juan Manuel Santos signed the bill, Colombia legalized marijuana for medical use. The bill has been drafted over again since 2014, and medical use has been permitted since 1986, but the country is now ready to thrive on a legal and regulated market. Colombia marijuana businesses will be able to import and export the drug and collaborate with markets around the world. The climate in Colombia is perfect for growing marijuana and now patients will be able to take full advantage of the safe and quality access to medical cannabis. Advocates in Colombia hope to quickly move passed the negative stigma that follows marijuana use and welcome the image of a patient finding relief. 

"From the flower, we make a concentrated extract that can be diluted into oral products or topical medication. Topical agents such as creams, oils or soaps can have higher concentrations of marijuana," said Cruz.

"Fortunately, we have seen many patients almost completely reduce their episodes of epilepsy, and where Alzheimer's sufferers have not lost their minds. We have over 1,500 patients in our database, presenting various conditions but being treated with cannabis in various medical centers," he claims.

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