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Fairbanks borough proposes 6 percent marijuana sales tax

News Posted Mar 7 2016

Last summer the city of Fairbanks, Alaska attempted to set a tax for the recreational marijuana system, but could not come to a final agreement. This year, a proposed tax of 6% has been introduced, which is 1% higher than current taxes for Fairbanks and other cities as legislators want to make sure enough revenue is brought in to cover administration costs. Some legislators are more concerned about making up the cost and would prefer a tax around 8%. If approved by the assembly, a vote would go on the October 4 ballot to implement the tax.

“If we want to bring marijuana out of the dark and decriminalize it, then we also need to get some revenue from it,” Assemblyman John Davies said. 

The borough’s initial attempt at getting a marijuana tax on the ballot failed last summer. It was a night when two assembly members were absent and the remaining members failed to reach a consensus, voting on 4 percent, 5 percent, 6 percent and 8 percent with no success. 

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