Marijuana battle enters new phase after high court decision

Marijuana battle enters new phase after high court decision

Published on 3/10/16

Different activists in Montana are currently pursuing two ballot initiatives, one to dismiss marijuana from the state legislature, and one to legalize recreational marijuana. While the two groups battle it out over signatures and votes, lawmakers are adjusting the currently operating medical marijuana program,and patients are worried about continued access to their medication. Law from a 2011 bill was upheld in February that would limit caregivers and growers to 3 patients. Just one of caregivers, Montana Advanced Caregivers was helping around 400 patients, many of which who say they will be forced to rely on the black market.

“They feel abandoned, which is an issue from a physician’s standpoint,” said Dr. Michael Uphues, a Billings doctor of osteopathy and family practitioner who has worked with medical marijuana patients for 10 years.

Wilson said that she still plans to get marijuana if Montana Advanced Caregivers shuts down. “Black market, like everybody else,” she said. “What choice do I got?”

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