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Oregon wants to make online marijuana regulation a chill experience

News Posted Mar 8 2016

Oregon has had recreational marijuana for less than a year, but administrators are working to keep the online license and registration system up to date and user friendly. The seed-to-sale system currently set in place to track marijuana plants gives each individual plant an RFID chip, which has some thinking it's excessive, but while still federally illegal the system is left with few options. The detailed online system does allow for all plants to be tracked and if regulations are not met, licenses can even be suspended from the online system. 

When it comes to monitoring compliance online, the OLCC has asked NIC and Franwell to create an interface that will provide real-time licensee data to inform investigations. “The benefit of that for the licensing system on the regulatory side [comes in] if we have any problems like a tag goes missing or we suspect a person is diverting products,” Rix said. “If we have a reason to suspend a license, we can do it all electronically without having to use a single piece of paper.”

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