Germany to legalize medicinal marijuana by 2017

Germany to legalize medicinal marijuana by 2017

Published on 5/10/16

Uruguay was the first country to completely legalize marijuana. Australia recently legalized medical marijuana. 4 states in the US have legalized recreational marijuana, while 24 states have legalized medical marijuana, and Chile recently planted the largest legal marijuana field in Latin America. More and more modern countries are adopting more sensible marijuana laws, and now Germany will join the list by legalizing medical marijuana by 2017. After a vote by the German cabinet last week, the country's health minister announced that extremely ill patients with no other medical options will be allowed access to cannabis after a doctor's consultation. 

The German cabinet decided Monday to approve the measure for seriously ill patients who have consulted with a doctor and "have no therapeutic alternative," according to a press release from the German Health Ministry.

"Our goal is that seriously ill people are looked after to the best of our ability," Federal Health Minister Hermann Gröhe said.

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