Lubbock marijuana reform organization marches to courthouse Saturday

Lubbock marijuana reform organization marches to courthouse Saturday

Published on 5/6/16

Members of Lubbock, Texas NORML took advantage of Cinco de Mayo events to host the city's first annual rally, Global Marijuana March. Compared to states with legal marijuana programs, the turnout was small, but spreading awareness for marijuana reform is necessary in any and all cities/states. NORML advocates for any type of cannabis reform, whether decriminalization, medical marijuana, or full legalization; progress is progress. While more states are considering legalizing some forms of marijuana, cities don't have to wait and can move forward with legislation much faster. Harris County, where Houston is located, allows for first time drug offenders to opt for community service and no criminal record. Colorado sold $700 million in legal marijuana in 2014, Texas, with almost 5 times the population, could outsell every state within their first legal year.

NORML is an organization whose mission is to move public opinion “to legalize the responsible use of marijuana by adults,” according to NORML’s website.

They welcome any kind of reform such as decriminalization, legalization or allowing the medicinal use of marijuana, he said

All three spokespersons for NRML agreed incarceration isn’t a good solution to marijuana usage, although they varied slightly on the role of rehabilitation.

“It’s a health concern, not a judicial concern,” Walden said.

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