What's the status of Pennsylvania's medical marijuana law?

What's the status of Pennsylvania's medical marijuana law?

Published on 5/30/16

Pennsylvania became the 24th state to legalize medical marijuana on April 17th of this year, which is about a month and a half ago. In that time, the governor has outlined an estimation of 2018 for the state's program to begin after all the background checks, training, medical research, etc. While the law allowing for medical marijuana went into effect in May, prosecutors will still be allowed to enforce local or federal law, despite being asked not to by the governor's administation. Lawyers also face interesting problems as it's illegal to discuss contracts with clients for known illegal (federally) activity, though other states have not had issues with this. To welcome new entrepreneurs, private marijuana companies are hosting seminars around Pennsylvania in hopes to strengthen the quality and preparation of the incoming businesses.

"There are real medical issues that families in Pennsylvania are facing, and they are doing what they're doing in the understanding that this law has been passed," Wolf said. "It is now legal. And it's just a matter of our doing what we need to do to get the system up and running."

US Cannabis Pharmaceutical Research and Development, a company that is trying to develop the legal weed market across the country, is hosting some information sessions in the area in June for those wanting to break into the market

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