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N.J. Marijuana Legalization Bill Would Treat Weed Like Tobacco

News Posted Sep 22 2016

What if marijuana was treated the same as tobacco and alcohol - available in convenience stores and gas stations as a common part of our society. A new law proposed in New Jersey would allow just that. Assembly bill A4193 would legalize marijuana for recreational use, allow retailers to sell the product, and 'provide for records expungement'. The regulation of marijuana manufacturing, distribution, and possession would fall under the New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act. The bill would treat cannabis similar to tobacco, allow the sales to adults 18 and older. The Assemblymen sponsoring the bill also introduced a bill this year that would lower the drinking age limit down to 18, saying if an 18 year old can sign up for the military, they should be able to drink a beer.

The proposed law – A4193 - would legalize marijuana and “provide for records expungement” for certain past marijuana offenses. In addition, the bill would make it possible for New Jersey retailers to sell cannabis products similar to tobacco products, including at local convenience stores.

“This bill would legalize marijuana by removing all criminal liability associated with marijuana from the New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice, Title 2C of the New Jersey Statutes, as well as its regulation as a controlled dangerous substance under the New Jersey Controlled Dangerous Substances Act,” the bill reads

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