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Nevada issues first marijuana delivery license

News Posted Jul 12 2017

On July 1st Nevada opened recreational marijuana dispensaries and the legal sale of cannabis to adults officially began. Sales have been going so well that the stores' inventories have nearly depleted and the only suppliers allowed are liquor wholesalers, and not 1 has stepped up to take on the job. While officials are debating on allowing businesses other than alcohol distributors to become cannabis suppliers, one medical marijuana supplier decided to get a liquor license and step up as the first licensee and began delivering orders almost immediately. The Nevada Tax Commission will vote soon on whether or not to open cannabis deliveries to non-liquor companies.

The Nevada Department of Taxation, which oversees the industry, reached out earlier this year to liquor distributors and found no takers, blaming either a lack of interest or a failure to meet application requirements.
The department subsequently invited non-liquor companies to participate in the supply chain, and was promptly sued by the Independent Alcohol Distributors of Nevada, a liquor industry group.

The Nevada Tax Commission could vote Thursday on "emergency regulations" to open deliveries up to non-liquor companies to meet the boom in demand from customers. The commission is meeting to determine the appropriate number of distributors to supply the state's 47 legal dispensaries.

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