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San Jose churches offer marijuana to members, feature pot-smoking Jesus in ads

News Posted Nov 24 2017

San Jose, CA is home to two local churches that are gaining attention for their unique religious practices - selling cannabis to it's congregation. Church members over 18 years old can donate $10 to join for life and then they're able to go purchase their cannabis inside the chapel. San Jose is only allowed 16 cannabis dispensaries, but these two churches are operating outside the city's regulations and law enforcement are concerned that they're distributing cannabis without permits. But has law enforcement ever been concerned about typical churches providing alcohol without permits or to minors? The first amendment stands and should allow these churches freedom to practice their religion and consume cannabis within the church. 

Inside Coachella Valley Church you'll find pews, an altar and pictures of Jesus. But you'll also find that "lighting up" is encouraged.

Volunteer Sebastian Grey was asked if it was a dispensary to which he replied, "We're a church."

Coachella Valley treats cannabis as a sacrament and said it is used there for religious purposes.

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