More medical marijuana licenses to be awarded soon

More medical marijuana licenses to be awarded soon

Published on Sep 19, 2017

Florida lawmakers have gone back and forth countless times on medical marijuana and now the state has not only implemented it's program, but it will be expanding it by offering 5 new business licenses to grow the plant. The state currently has 12 active licenses, and no more than these 17 will be awarded until the state has registered over 100,000 patients, current numbers are around 37,000. The deadline to apply for one of these new licenses is coming quickly, applications must be submitted by Oct. 3

Learn about how to apply for a license here:

Florida is getting more medical marijuana growers, potentially leading to greater access and cheaper products.

But would-be growers face a tight timeline — about two weeks — to apply.

The Department of Health posted its rules for the next round of applications late Tuesday. Under a law passed by the Florida Legislature in June, the department has to select five new growers by Oct. 3.

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