Employers blocked from discriminating against staff using marijuana in Maine

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Published on 2/8/18

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Maine legalized marijuana back in 2016 with a voter initiative at the same time as California, but now they've passed a big law that could make huge waves across the country. For the first time, a state has made it illegal for any business to discriminate against employees or fire them for smoking cannabis outside of the workplace. The law also includes pulling cannabis from the list of substances being tested for when applying to a job, as well as removing the ability to fire a current employee for testing positive on a drug test. This move finally puts cannabis on the same level as alcohol. Employees are allowed to enjoy their time outside of work as they please wihle still being expected not to be inebriated at work. While Maine has legalized cannabis, the governor chose not to sign a bill that would've allowed retail sales and taxation of the plant, citing being unsure how the Trump administration would treat states.

The new law applies only to individuals 21 or older, and prohibits refusing to hire someone who uses marijuana in their off time as well as simple discipline for pot use.

Individuals who use marijuana during work hours and at the work place can still be disciplined by their employers for being under the influence at work. A positive test result, however, won’t be enough to prove an employee was or is under the influence, according to a state labour department spokesperson.