Phil Murphy moves to expand access to medical marijuana in New Jersey

Phil Murphy moves to expand access to medical marijuana in New Jersey

Published on 1/22/18

New Jersey has had a medical marijuana program for 8 years with about 15,000 patients, but advocates are saying the program should be further developed by now with more patients and better access. One big hurdle has been removing former Gov. Christie from office since he has shown nothing but distate for medical marijuana and it's patients. Last week the newly elected Gov. Phil Murphy was sworn into office and since has announced possible plans for the future of New Jersey's medical marijuana program. Developments for the program include: home delivery service, raising the maximum amount of cannabis patients can purchase per month above 2 ounces, expanding edilbe access, and allowing the few licensed dispensaries to open multiple locations and increasing access for patients.

Gov. Phil Murphy on Tuesday ordered a 60-day review of New Jersey's "constrained" medical marijuana program, saying he would consider allowing home delivery, purchases beyond the 2-ounce limit and expanding the number of licensed dispensaries to improve patient access.

"We cannot turn a deaf ear to our veterans, the families of children facing terminal illness, or to any of the other countless New Jerseyans who only wish to be treated like people, and not criminals," Murphy said. "And, doctors deserve the ability to provide their patients with access to medical marijuana free of stigmatization."

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