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A California college is studying cannabis by having people smoke marijuana and try to drive

News Posted Jul 15 2018

One of the biggest concerns of anyone opposed to legalizing cannabis is consumers being inebriated behind the wheel, but we're still faced with the same problems we always have been, how do you properly test someone to see if they're imparied by cannabis? With alcohol a breathalyzer test is a fairly sure fire way to tell if the average person is impaired, but there is currently no equivalent for cannabis impairment testing. To help move this new industry's safety regulations along the University of California has teamed up with law enforcement to conduct the largest study of it's kind to find out how cannabis consumers perform behind the wheel of a car and at what point in consuming cannabis you become impaired. The study involves a driving simulator and smoking joints with varying levels of THC. Ontop of the driving simulation participants will also undergo field sobriety tests, tablet-based performance assessments and blood draws.

After an initial visit, study participants smoke cannabis and then undergo a driving simulation. The marijuana joints have different doses, from no THC to high THC.

"If you smoked this morning are you impaired throughout the day? Are you impaired for a couple of hours? Or are you not impaired? We're trying to answer that," said Tom Marcotte, Co-Director of the CMCR.

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