Behold: The First Paint Marketed to Cover Up Marijuana Smells

Where's Weed

Published on 7/22/18

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A company based out of Denver, CO is looking to fill a need in the city that no one else had thought of yet, odor-absorbent paint. ECOBOND is the company behind the new product OdorDefender Paint, which covers a wide range of odors, but the company really wants people to know their product is the most effective way to remove the lingering scent that walls can hold onto from tobacco, cannabis, and even animal urine. The product manager at ECOBOND says that thirdhand smoke, the residue leftover from tobacco products in the walls, can be as bad as firsthand and secondhand smoke. After doing some tests with other brands of paint it became clear that none of them have the ability to cover and contain odors the way that the OdorDefender Paint can. 

"Imagine you're a landlord and you have an apartment complex," Heronema notes. "You had a tenant who smoked marijuana for six months to a year. Then the tenant leaves, and the landlord says, 'How am I going to rent this? It still smells like marijuana.' And the answer is our paint, which will go down over the walls and seal and block those odors from re-emitting into the air."