New Jersey Holds Final Public Hearing On Legalizing Marijuana

New Jersey Holds Final Public Hearing On Legalizing Marijuana

Published on 5/13/18

New Jersey has made many positive changes since it's new governor took office including the medical marijuana program which is in the midst of adding new qualifications to help more patients. If Gov. Phil Murphy has his way the medical marijuana program will soon be available to patients with anxiety, migraines, Tourette's syndrome, and types of chronic pain. Others mentioned the positives the state could experience with a fully legalized retail marijuana program like extra tax revenue to fund schools, education programs and job creation. The final public hearing on legalizing cannabis was held this week which means legislators will soon be able to put their vote in. Many states in the surrounding area including New York are considering full legalization and the sooner it becomes reality the sooner we can move passed the history of harmful prohibition.

In March, Gov. Phil Murphy announced “major reforms” to the state’s medical marijuana program – and many think complete legalization would be good for New Jersey.

“The tax money we could bring in to our state that could go to our schools, job creation,” said business owner Tara Misusargent. “Keeping it illegal makes it seem so illogical.”

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